The Rig's Poetry Slam

Love is a precious thing. It’s been the inspiration for more sappy ballads and cheesy poems than anything else known to man (or woman).

That got the RIG team thinking, “There’s GOT to be a few creative-types in Whitecourt and Fox Creek ready to exploit their mother’s love for a chance at fabulous prizes”!

Presenting: The RIG’s Poetry Slam. Between May 1st and 11th, flex your creative muscles, and come up with the cheesiest, sappiest poem you can, dedicate it to your mom, and send it our way!!  (be sure to include your  CONTACT INFO). Each day we’ll read the best (see “Sappiest”) submissions on the air, and qualify that lucky poet for our grand prize draw on Friday May 12th.

The big question for the winner though: WHO gets the prize? You or Mom? 


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